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That being said, content chosen and featured would be posted about regardless of affiliates and are things that Betty Means Business genuinely loves.

Gifting, Sponsored Posts, Collaboration
Betty Means Business is open to product and service reviews of companies and brands with a similar ethos and aesthetic to the blog in the entrepreneurial and lifestyle industries. All sponsorship inquiries should be directed to kate@bettymeansbusiness.com . Gifting is accepted however this does not guarantee placement.

From time to time, BettyMeansBusiness.com may mention products or services purchased by myself as well as samples. I am in no way obligated to review any products or services in a positive light. I am not obligated to review anything and what goes on my website is up to my discretion. 

It’s rare, but I may accept sponsored content on BettyMeansBusiness.com, which means I am financially compensated to publish a campaign or article. These posts will only be published if I feel the content is relevant to this website, will always include my genuine opinion, and will always be clearly marked as sponsored content at the end of the post (for example, ‘Post in collaboration with…’).

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BettyMeansBusiness.com reserves the right to remove any previous posts, links, etc. without notice or explanation. Anything inappropriate, offensive, spam or any comments that include unrelated content will be deleted per discretion.

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